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Technical description:

Mass: 2 kg
Size: 220 mm
Surface of rotor: Coated in black
Material of impeller/Housing material: Plastic PA6, fibreglass-reinforced
Number of blades: 7
Direction of rotation Clockwise, seen on rotor
Class of protection: IP 42
Insulation class: "B"
Humidity class: F1-2
Max. permissible ambient motor temp. (transp./ storage): + 80 °C
Min. permissible ambient motor temp. (transp./storage): - 40 °

Nominal data:

Phase: 1~    
Type of voltage: AC    
Nominal voltage: 230V    
Frequency: 50Hz    
Type of data definition: maximum load
Valid for approval / standard: CE    
Speed: 2100rpm    
Power input: 88W    
Current draw: 0.39A
Starting current: 0.51A    
Motor capacitor: 2µF        
Capacitor voltage: 450V
Capacitor standard: P0 (CE)
Min. back pressure: 0 Pa    
Min. ambient temperature: -25°C
Max. ambient temperature:50°C


Centrifugal Fan K2E220-RA38-01

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